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Kalani Lickle

Born to fish

mahisKalani DeWitt Lickle has always been attracted to fish. His great uncle, Billy Carpenter, was a legendary pioneer in big game fishing, with his pursuit of the giant bluefin tuna. DeWitt has fished the North Shore of Maui since the early eighties. Trolling for the ever-migrating pelagics, anchoring in 1000′ of water in pursuit of the precious snappers, free diving for Tako (octopus) and reef fish, throwing net for shoreline treats- these are some of the ways Kalani spends his time when not printing fish or tending his farm or loving his ohana (family).

In 2006, Kalani angled his first “Giant”- an eight hundred pound Bluefin Tuna. After three trips in six years to Prince Edward Island ,Canada, the fish gods granted his elusive wish . A big mahalo to the “Catsass” and the P.E.I. crew- especially John and Sherry.Due to the fishery’s scientific nature, Kalani has yet to actually print a giant blue fin tuna. He has however printed a lot of IGFA world record and Hawaii state record fish during his 20 years of printing fish.

Besides being an avid surfer, diver, farmer, and family man, Kalani has been a commercial fisherman and gyotaku artist on Maui since the early eighties.

A year of travels through Southeast Asia exposed Kalani to the art form of gyotaku, which he has taken to new levels.

“Nature is the ultimate artist- Just looking at patterns of scales or iridescent eyes, or the endless shapes of fish and marine invertebrates is worthy of meditation, hence the relaxing qualities of an aquarium. “

Kalani considers himself an “Artistic Agent of Nature”. Through his art the fish will live forever.