Gyotaku – unique hand-printed Hawaiian fish art prints

Gyotaku (gyo=fish, taku=impression) is an ancient Oriental art form which uses actual fresh-caught fish to create lovely one-of-a-kind art prints on cloth or paper. Natural Impressions employs the traditional gyotaku techniques with modern twists, using fresh-caught Hawaiian fish and natural vegetation for spectacular results!

Hawaiian art prints – perfect gifts for any occasion

Our original gyotaku, serigraph, or giclee prints make the perfect gifts for those hard-to-please discriminating people on your shopping list. Elegant, distinctive and sure to fit with any decor, our prints bring a touch of the tropics and a taste of the ocean wherever they go!

Gyotaku art prints – durable beauty and value

Our gyotaku prints are printed on specialty fabrics and paper using non-toxic acrylic paints and inks. The result is fine durable art prints that will grace your home for years to come.

Giclee Hawaiian art prints

Our giclee prints are high-quality digital reproductions of original gyotaku prints. They are printed with archival inks on linen art paper. The prints are 11″x14″, matted and ready for standard size framing. Check out more giclee prints Special orders Giclee prints can be ordered in larger sizes and framed in Hawaiian koa hardwood – contact us for special orders – call us at 808-575-9300, email us, or fill in the contact form.

Serigraphs – silk screened art for your home or office

As well as our gyotaku and giclee prints, we also offer selected serigraphs of some of our gyotaku prints. These serigraphs can be silk screened on a variety of materials, from rice paper to plastics.

Full Circle Art

At Natural Impressions, Kalani and crew’s motto is: HOOK ‘EM, LOOK ‘EM, and COOK ‘EM: We catch the fish, we print the fish, then we eat the fish – no waste! Tropical Hawaiian fish make beautiful prints The bountiful Hawaiian waters supply us with beautiful fish of all kinds for truly dramatic gyotaku prints: we regularly catch Hawaiian gamefish like marlin (Au), yellowfin tuna (Ahi), giant trevally (Ulua), wahoo (Ono), dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi), bottom fish like ruby red snapper (Onaga), pink snapper (Opakapaka), gray snapper (Uku), silver jaw snapper (Lehi), golden snapper (Ehu), goatfiah ((Kumu), as well as the whole gamut of colorful reef fish and invertebrates, such as octopus (Tako), triggerfish (Humuhumunukunukuapu’a), soldierfish (Mempachi), etc.

Come by and visit us!

When on Maui, call us for a studio/gallery appointment (575- 9300), or check out our work at the Paia Fishmarket, or at any of our dealers around the state. Visit our photo galleries to see a wide variety of gyotaku and giclee prints We have many more prints than you see here! Visit our online gallery and check them all out! Distribute our Hawaiian art prints If you have a shop or online store and would like to distribute our art prints, let us know! Just call us at 808-575-9300, email us or fill in the distributor’s form.

Questions? Contact us!

If you have any requests, questions or comments, please let us know! Just call us at 808-575-9300, email us, or fill in the contact form – we appreciate your input!